Golden hour, healing berries, freedom.

Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi


My name is Andrew Liulko, I am a director and producer from Ukraine, I would like to present you the post-apocalyptic series/film Forbidden. The story of our heroes will go through redemption, allegiance, liberty and true love in a world where you can breathe freely only in the "golden hour" and where the chance to survive will be for all who manage to unite. Of course, humanity was ready for this outcome and prepared a reserve of healing berries, giving power to those who control the warehouses.
Forbidden reflects the horrors of environmental destruction, the negative consequences of authoritarianism, the human desire for freedom and love.
The project is currently in co-production with US partners Lunar Door with Hollywood experience. We are on the way to creating a high-quality proof of concept and are looking for an investment of $50.000. We have a script, production team, locations for filming, project presentation, microgrant from Netflix and contacts with several broadcasters and distributors.
Thanks to the courage of Ukrainian soldiers, the resilience of the Ukrainian people and the support of the whole world, we are able to safely shoot the proof of concept in Ukraine now.

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Working title
Forbidden / Forbidden Lands / Forbidden Fruit

Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi


8 episodes of 40-50 min or 100 min feature

In the aftermath of nuclear catastrophe, one woman leads a rebellion for liberty against a dystopian regime, guiding her people through an apocalyptic landscape to establish a new home.

Similar films
The Road (John Hillcoat), Mad Max 2/3 (George Miller), Dune (Denis Villeneuve)

About Project

_____In the aftermath of the nuclear catastrophe, a group of survivors take refuge in an abandoned Kyiv subway, where they discover a stock pile of government issued artificially created berries. Eating these berries builds immunity to toxic nuclear fallout. Their community grows, becoming the only hope andfinal terminus for humanity. It is "The Last City.
_____Their community evolves into a totalitarian society and a corrupt Ruling Council is formed, who maintain power by controlling access to the berries. The propaganda of the Ruling Council forbids leaving the mines and forces everyone to work for the survival of humanity. Due to a fanatical attempt to recreate the process of growing berries, The Last City turns into a labor camp.
_____The Ruling Council accuses people of stealing berries, condemning them to death, and Sgt. Till is ordered to execute them. Till is forced to leave the young girl Laura as an orphan. The villainous order causes Till to betray and reveals that the Ruling Council is evil, exploiting people to increase the limited supply of berries.
_____Plagued by guilt and resentment, Till leads a rebellion to escape the isolation and false security of the "Last City." After a successful uprising, Till secures the remaining berries and begins a quest to find a new home beyond the toxic apocalyptic wastelands. Before they depart, Till promises the hateful and reluctant Laura she will have a better life.


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In this way we can send you a Pitch Deck PDF file, as well as keep in touch and arrange a Zoom meeting with the creators of Forbidden.


  • Andrew Liulko
    CREATOR / PRODUCER (Ukraine)
    Liulko is a cinematographer, producer, and director. His acclaimed short film Not Now, inspired by his own cancer diagnosis, has earned 23 film festival wins, including the Silver Remi Award at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, where Spielberg, Lucas, Lynch, Ridley Scott, and the Coen Brothers received their first awards. Liulko has worked in Ukraine and Sri Lanka. He earned his degree from Kharkiv Aerospace University.

  • Michael Schilf
    Co-Founder of Lunar Door, Schilf is a writer, director, and producer with over 20 years of experience in screenwriting, directing, and producing. Schilf's crime thriller The Fixer, staring Danny Trejo, has earned 90 international wins and 38 nominations. Schilf is pitching The Fixer series while in development on three features, he is attached to direct: Ashes, Cane, and The Sins of My Father, based on his memoir.
  • Chase Kuker
    Co-Founder of Lunar Door, Kuker is a composer and producer with over a decade of experience in songwriting, music production, audio mixing, and film production. He has produced films including Tell, Echoes of War, and Helicopter Mom. He is the co-creator of SWORN, a fantasy, action, adventure series; co-creator of LIGHT, a sci-fi, crime series, and producer of the award winning short, The Fixer.


Creation of the Pitch Deck

Creation of the Treatment

Writing Proof of Concept Script

Writing Pilot episode script

Fundraising $ 50k to create proof of concept

Searching for Co-Production
Production Team

Cast for proof of concept

Filming of Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept
Our Partners

Looking for

In this way we are considering investors in our international film/series project. We would be happy to discuss the terms of cooperation.
At this stage we are looking for one or more investors with a total investment of $50.000 to create a high-quality proof of concept.
This will allow us to continue communicating with studios, broadcasters, distributors and move on to creating a pilot episode.
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