Nuclear war, healing berries, freedom.

Ukraine / USA / Sri Lanka


About Project

My name is Andrew Liulko, I am a filmmaker from Ukraine, I present the post-apocalyptic drama Forbidden. The project reflects the horrors of environmental destruction, the negative consequences of authoritarianism, the human desire for freedom and love.
The Ukrainian people and people all over the world felt the fear of an uncertain future, the fear of a nuclear threat and a possible global catastrophe, felt the fear of death... The story of our heroes will go through redemption, self-sacrifice and true love in the conditions of the apocalypse, where fear will take on new forms.
I first thought about the Forbidden project while I was working on future film "Good Earth" in Sri Lanka. My desire to create films and successful experience of my friends and partners in film distribution pushed me to start working on the post-apocalyptic concept "Forbidden".
The project is currently under active development with US partners with Hollywood experience. We have both versions of the implementation: as a film trilogy and as a series. We are looking for ways to create a high-quality proof-of-concept in the format of a short film.

If you want help please message me to facebook or instagram.
Working title
Forbidden / Forbidden Lands / Forbidden Fruit

Sci-Fi (post-apocalyptic), Drama, Horror


8 TV episodes of 40-50 minutes

In the aftermath of nuclear war, one man leads a rebellion for liberty against a dystopian regime, guiding his people through an apocalyptic landscape to establish a new home.

Similar films
The Road (John Hillcoat), Mad Max 2/3 (George Miller), Dune (Denis Villeneuve)

PG (12 y.o. and over)

About Film

In the aftermath of nuclear war, a group of survivors take refuge in the abandoned salt mines of Soledar, where they discover a stock pile of government issued artificially created berries. Eating these berries builds immunity to toxic nuclear fallout. Their community grows, becoming the only hope and final terminus for humanity. It is "The Last City". Their community evolves into a totalitarian society and a corrupt Ruling Council is formed, who maintain power by controlling access to the berries. Since survival depends on berry consumption, the people become subservient to this new regime. Dictated by the Ruling Council, it is "Forbidden" to leave the mines, for the world outside offers only death and misery.
The Ruling Council accuses people of stealing berries, condemning them to death, and Sgt. Till is ordered to execute them. When Till orphans a girl Laura after killing her parents, he questions his loyalty, discovering the Ruling Council has lied, murdering innocents to systematically lower the population in order to take the dwindling supply of berries for themselves. Plagued by guilt and revenge, Till leads a rebellion to escape the isolation and false security of "The Last City." After a successful uprising, the mine collapsed, burying the berry stock and the Ruling Council in salt. Till secures the remaining berries and begins a quest to find a new home beyond the toxic apocalyptic wastelands. Before they depart, he promises the hateful and reluctant Laura she will have a better life.
After an exhausting and difficult journey, a green oasis opens before the heroes, where survivors can grow healing berries. But during the long-term isolation in the ruins of "The Last City" a sect of cannibals was formed by the former Ruling Council.
Rumors lead cannibals to Till's berries farm. They demand to supply them human flesh in exchange for immunity from attacks. Till and several of the strongest are exposed to powerful radiation and allow the cannibals to eat themselves after a heroic death in an unequal battle. Till becomes a folk hero and Laura tearfully tells her children the story of Till.


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  • Andrew Liulko
    Liulko is a cinematographer, producer, and director. His acclaimed short film Not Now, inspired by his own cancer diagnosis, has earned 23 film festival wins, including the Silver Remi Award at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, where Spielberg, Lucas, Lynch, Ridley Scott, and the Coen Brothers received their first awards. Liulko has worked in Ukraine and Sri Lanka. He earned his degree from Kharkiv Aerospace University.

  • Michael Schilf
    Co-Founder of Lunar Door, Schilf is a writer, director, and producer with over 20 years of experience in screenwriting, directing, and producing. Schilf's crime thriller The Fixer, staring Danny Trejo, has earned 90 international wins and 38 nominations. Schilf is pitching The Fixer series while in development on three features, he is attached to direct: Ashes, Cane, and The Sins of My Father, based on his memoir.
  • Chase Kuker
    Co-Founder of Lunar Door, Kuker is a composer and producer with over a decade of experience in songwriting, music production, audio mixing, and film production. He has produced films including Tell, Echoes of War, and Helicopter Mom. He is the co-creator of SWORN, a fantasy, action, adventure series; co-creator of LIGHT, a sci-fi, crime series, and producer of the award winning short, The Fixer.
Next goal: receive funding for the pilot or co-production with major studios/TV channels
From July 2023: Filming
Creation of Proof of Concept

Project Presentation
March - July 2023: Fundraising
July 2022 - March 2023: Development

Fundraising $ 50k to create a proof of concept

Searching for Co-Production
Creation of the Pitch Deck

Creation of the Treatment

Writing Proof of Concept Script


Previous experience in Sri Lanka
Storybrand and Zoom Film Studio have completed filming of the feature-length psychological thriller 'Good Earth' in Sri Lanka.
This picture is about a video blogger who is able to do anything for the sake of hype. The release of the film on the screens of cinemas in Asia is planned in 2022.
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We are currently looking for funding and co-production to create a proof of concept.
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